Child & Family Services

We work to create a brighter future for children and families at risk due to poor economic, social, and health conditions. Our programs work to strengthen and protect families and to empower young people, caregivers, and parents to thrive and overcome challenging circumstances.

The Power of Family

We believe that meeting a person’s needs within their families—providing services and effective, practical solutions that involve, strengthen, and support families—is the most effective way to ensure safety, stability, and well-being.

What to expect.

patient centered

Your Needs, Your Goals

We believe that everyone deserves the right to make decisions about their lives and their health.

Wholehearted Health

360-degree whole-health care

Our approach links physical, social, emotional, and mental health with a multidisciplinary treatment team that integrates services across a full spectrum of care. We ensure that no aspect of overall health for you or your family is neglected.

Science Based

Proven Programs

We offer programs and practices that are rigorously researched, tested, and proven to improve quality of life for children and families facing challenges.

You set the pace

We evolve with you.

At Liberty Resources, we support you, your child, and your family every step of the way—adapting and improving your plan as we go—leading you toward an overall better quality of life.


We bring together a broad spectrum of disciplines to provide the specific level of care to meet your family’s needs. We ensure that you have the knowledge and skills that you need to promote the health and well-being of you and your entire family.

Crisis Response

We de-escalate emotional distress and help people pursue the most appropriate course for their future concerns. Our continuum of care includes phone and in-home crisis supports as well as short-term housing and peer supports.

Community Based Support

Our programs provide family-centered therapeutic care, ongoing evaluation, and assessment of the family’s strengths and needs. And we provide not only trauma-sensitive care and treatment but also solution-focused therapy to build the skills necessary to maintain a safe, nurturing, and healthy home environment.

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

We provide the support and services that individuals need after the trauma of domestic violence or sexual assault, no matter when the traumatic event occurred. We provide safe housing, crisis counseling, and advocacy for all.

Substance-Use-Disorder Family Supports

Our Recovery Support Navigator service provides peer-support and family-support services that are designed to guide, educate, and support families through the treatment for addiction and recovery process.

Foster Care & Kinship Services

We provide clinical, skill-building, independent-living, foster-care, and case-management services for children who are at risk—so that they can get the level of care and support they deserve.

Texas Family Services

We provide clinical, skill-building, case-management, and telecounseling services for children and adolescents in Texas who are at risk of placement in a higher level of care—so that they can get the care and support they deserve.

Early-Childhood Diagnostic & Pediatric Therapy

We focus on communication, social relationships, and functional skills to help improve the development and well-being of children aged 5 and younger to prepare them for what comes next in life.

Whole Health Services

Our multidisciplinary team includes social workers, marriage and family therapists, licensed mental health counselors, psychiatrists/nurse practitioners, and registered nurses—all of whom support children and families through child-directed play and evidence-based treatment.

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“Real-time intervention and assessment were a huge relief. The Mobile Crisis Team was able to communicate with [my son’s] therapist directly and address issues immediately, rather than waiting until the next appointment.”

Client of Liberty Resources’ Mobile Outreach service

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Care Coordination

For eligible individuals a care coordinator will help you manage your care plan. They’ll be there to help you manage your appointments, support your specific needs and to be your healthcare ally.

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