Liberty Resources provides multiple housing options and supports in Syracuse for people with HIV/AIDS, addiction, and mental health issues that prevent permanent housing. Financial Assistance and Housing Retention Services enable individuals/families to maintain stable housing and to successfully achieve independent living. Peer Specialists function as part of the housing retention services team and assist clients.

Please note: Liberty Resources does not offer financial assistance for general housing or rental assistance or security deposits.  Please contact your local Department of Social Services for available resources.

HIV / AIDS Housing Retention Program

Provides long-term rental assistance/subsidies as financial support for housing, enabling the individuals with HIV/AIDS to maintain stable housing and medical care; acquire skills and stability; and successfully achieve independent living. Peer Specialists function as part of the housing retention services team and assist with client education, supportive counseling, and escorting clients to medical and/or housing retention appointments.


Our HIV/AIDS Supportive Housing programs are designed for adults living with HIV/AIDS in need of permanent-housing supports.


HIV/AIDS Housing Retention Program
Phone (315) 475-1544 – call 24/7
Monday – Friday

Transitional Housing - DePalmer House

This program offers a supportive, stable living environment for individuals who are homeless and living with HIV or AIDS. Clients and staff work collaboratively to address behavioral, physical, and social needs that create barriers to living independently in the community.  Liberty Resources offers transitional housing for homeless persons at our DePalmer location. The primary goal of this program is to provide an environment and level of services that will enable residents to attain and maintain safe, affordable permanent housing of their choice.

At least 92% of the clients who are served at DePalmer House are individuals in recovery from chemical addiction. At least two-thirds of the consumers who are served possess a diagnosed—and often untreated—coexisting psychiatric disorder. Many have had previous, recurrent episodes of homelessness.

DePalmer House is centrally located on the west side of Syracuse and is maintained as a confidential site. The two-story house consists of 10 beds with a full kitchen and dining room, two living rooms, three and a half baths, and a full basement complete with storage. Also, there are two staff offices, which serve as confidential counseling areas. The program is staffed 24 hours a day by a program supervisor, assistant supervisor, three direct support professionals (including an awake overnight counselor), and four part-time relief staff.


Supportive services offered within the program have allowed residents to address longstanding addiction issues that impede their ability to meet their housing needs. Other services-assist residents with complying with their medical treatment regimen, allowing more-fragile residents to improve their health to the point of being able to move into independent housing. DePalmer House program staff provide a variety of support services to meet the special needs of the population served.

DePalmer House offers linkages with social services, nutrition programs, local case management programs, chemical dependency treatment and mental health programs, health care, transportation, and other services and resources.

At the DePalmer House, patients’ goals include self-sufficiency and the attainment of permanent housing. The program staff assess each individual for needed services and assist them in connecting with these services.


Individuals 18 years or older with a documented HIV/AIDS diagnosis and in a homeless or inadequate housing status who fall below the federal poverty level are eligible for this program. Referrals are routinely accepted from a variety of sources including hospitals, case management agencies, correctional facilities, drug and alcohol treatment centers, and area shelters. Self-referrals are also accepted. Applicants are required to attest, in writing, to their willingness to participate actively in their service plan and to abide by program rules.


Onondaga County
Syracuse, NY 13203
Phone (315) 475-1544

Permanent Housing - MESA Commons

Our permanent-housing program at MESA Commons provides housing to individuals and families living with HIV or AIDS who are homeless or housing vulnerable.  Liberty Resources provides permanent housing to families who are homeless or housing vulnerable through our MESA Commons site, comprising two- and three-bedroom townhouse units.


  • Each tenant has a private entry through a community courtyard.
  • All units have a half-bath upstairs and a full bathroom downstairs.
  • Included in the rent are heat, electricity, hot water, cooking fuel, stove, refrigerator, and garbage collection.
  • All units also include air conditioning a washing machine, and a dryer.
  • All living rooms and bedrooms are cable-ready and have telephone jacks.
  • No security deposit is required at MESA Commons.
  • Leases are required—with the period of the lease being month to month.


  • Sober and drug-free housing environment, with linkages to treatment and 12-Step meetings.
  • Case management, tenant conflict resolution, and linkages and referrals to Syracuse area services.
  • A variety of services are provided to residents at MESA, including monthly grocery assistance, tenant meetings, and on-site counseling.


Applicants who are at least 18 years of age with a documented HIV/AIDS diagnosis who are homeless or have inadequate housing with income below the federal poverty level.


Onondaga County
6723 Towpath Road
E. Syracuse, NY 13057
(315) 425-1004
Monday–Friday: 9 am – 5 pm
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Related Programs & Services

Community Living

Liberty Resources operates several Supervised Residential programs, and it provides Supported Community Living to a variety of individuals throughout Onondaga and Madison Counties. Emphasis is on creating an environment that encourages the individuals to experience a full life. All individuals create goals for themselves based on their unique desired outcomes, as expressed during their annual Life Plan meeting. Our Community Living programs prepare people for more-independent living.

Permanent Housing & Homeless Housing Support Services

Our Permanent Housing programs provide much-needed housing supports for individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Our supportive services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each participant. This is established through individual assessment and the collaborative development of an individualized service plan. We support their current needs and offer case management services, supportive counseling—including crisis intervention, ongoing assessment, and independent-living skills training.

Supportive Living

Liberty Resources understands that having stable housing is key to maintaining the physical and emotional health of the people we serve. Liberty offers residential services that offer support from people who take the time to understand what our participants need and help them connect to the right resources. Our people work with clients to develop a plan with meaningful goals with an approach that supports hope and healing.

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