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Child & Family Community Support Services

Cayuga County, Locations, Onondaga County, Programs

Liberty Resources supports and helps children, youth, and their families improve their health and well-being through community-based mental health and substance-use services. These services support families by providing them with the tools to support overall mental wellness and to make informed decisions about their care. Services can be provided at home or in the community.


1065 James Street
Syracuse, NY 13203
Phone (315) 425-1004
Monday–Friday: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
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Therapy Services

  • Get an assessment for mental health and/or substance use needs.
  • Identify strengths and abilities through individual and group therapies.
  • Get individual, group, or family therapy where you are most comfortable.

Rehabilitation Services

  • Learn to incorporate therapy goals into everyday life and receive extra support managing medication.
  • Build relationships and communicate better with family, friends and others.
  • Learn self-care, and use coping skills to manage emotions.

Family Peer Supports

  • Locate information and resources available that meet your child/youth and family’s needs.
  • Making informed decisions.
  • Build and strengthen natural supports and resources.

Youth Peer Support

  • Develop skills to manage health challenges and be independent.
  • Feel empowered to make decisions.
  • Make connections to natural supports and resources.
  • Get help to prepare for the transition to the adult health system.

Crisis Intervention

Professional help at home or in the community when a child or youth is distressed and can’t be managed by family, friends and other supports. Get support and help with using crisis plans to de-escalate the crisis and prevent or reduce future crises.


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