OMH Supportive Scattered-Site Housing

The Supportive Scattered-Site Housing program is a community-based program overseen by the Office of Mental Health (OMH). The program serves adults diagnosed with a DSM-V Axis I disorder/classified as a serious and persistent mental illness. The intent of the program is to assist recipients with sustaining housing and preventing homelessness. The housing counselor ensure individuals have the ability to exercise their right to choose where they are going to live, taking into consideration the recipient’s functional skills, the range of affordable housing options available in the area, and the type and extent of services and resources that recipients require to maintain their residence within the community. The program provides financial assistance to recipients who meet income guidelines. Liberty Resources successfully provides rental stipends, moving costs, security deposits and utility assistance to over 80 recipients a year. The housing counselor offers case management services, supportive counseling including crisis intervention, ongoing assessment and support planning and independent living skills training. Recipients are encouraged and assist the recipient to develop natural community support and use community resources to strengthen bond to neighborhood and encourage integration into community.

Admission Process

To request an application for the Supportive Scattered-Site Apartments, please call the number listed on this web page. Following completion and submission of an application, the housing counselor will make contact to schedule an appointment to determine eligibility. If necessary criteria are met, the applicant will be provided assistance or placed on a waiting list for services.