Crisis Bed Respite Center

The Crisis Bed Respite Center links individuals experiencing serious mental health problems with flexible, integrative, resilient and effective networks of support in their communities, with the goal of effectively building sustainable skills to support individuals in achieving long-term positive recovery and housing outcomes through our various programs. The program is staffed 24 hours a day with a Behavioral Health Specialist, four Peer Recovery Specialists and a pool of relief staff, who will work in partnership with all treatment providers, Health Home Care Managers, hospitals, and social supports to ease the transition for residents from a hospital setting back to the community. Services include short-term intensive behavioral health respite care, clinical monitoring, connection or re-connection to mental health services, and peer support for people in crisis or in need of a step-down program following psychiatric hospitalization. For each individual, the program focuses on connection, mutuality, and moving forward. Peer and staff support are available around the clock, either on site or through on-call accessibility. Support plans based on a comprehensive assessment of physical, medical, emotional, behavioral, social, residential, recreational, vocational and nutritional needs are developed and implemented for each individual. The plans integrate direct care and support services and include all linkages and service options within the community to maintain ongoing treatment, and successfully transition back into the community.

For more information and admission form/process, visit the Mental Health/Crisis Bed page.