Apartment Treatment Program

The Apartment Treatment Program is licensed by the Office of Mental Health (OMH) and consists of five apartments located in scattered locations in Oneida. Staff is available to all apartment residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Residents in the Apartment Treatment Program have the opportunity to enhance their independent living skills in a less restrictive setting and under realistic conditions of personal responsibility while still having access to program staff on a daily basis for instruction, assistance, and support. Residents work with staff to develop an individualized service plan that will support their current needs and are offered case management services, supportive counseling including crisis intervention, ongoing assessment, and independent living skills training. Residents are encouraged and assisted with pursuing educational and/or vocational goals. Appropriate community referrals are made to assist residents with addressing need areas identified in their service plan. Discharge planning begins upon admission and resident are assisted with identifying what supports they need to be successful in independence as well as with the development of daily living skills to promote success.

Admission Process

To request an application for the Apartment Treatment Program, please call the number listed on this web page. Following completion and submission of an application, a staff member will make contact to schedule a phone screen. When admission criteria are met, the applicant will be admitted or placed on a waiting list for services.