Oswego County Mobile Crisis Team

Liberty Resources Mobile Crisis team is a partnership with Contact Community Services Crisis Line 

Contact Community Services, Inc. is a multi-faceted organization that supports the social, emotional, behavioral and mental health of children, youth, and adults.

For assistance, call (315) 251-0800.

The Hotline is answered by Professional Mental Health staff who can link you to community supports and services that best fit your needs. Mobile Crisis will be offered for individuals showing signs of behavioral or mental health issues that pose a threat to one’s stability within their home or community.

Meet Our Team                          

The Oswego County Mobile Crisis Team is composed of local, trained mental health professionals that can provide after-hours crisis services for children and adults.  Mobile Crisis was created to provide crisis intervention and support to individuals dealing with a behavioral or mental health crisis. Until now, individuals have had no choice but to go to CPEP or the Emergency Room after hours due to lack of resources.

WesleyAnn Balcom, LMSW, Mobile Crisis Therapist

Angelique Chamber, LMSW, Mobile Crisis Therapist

Cara Harris, LMSW
Mobile Crisis Therapist

Helen Heofer, LMSW
Mobile Crisis Therapist

Casey Fleming, Mobile Crisis Case Manager

Bob Ireland, Mobile Crisis Case Manager

Kassi Schultz, Mobile Crisis Case Manager

Michelle Walker, Mobile Crisis Case Manager

Contact your local mental health clinic or law enforcement (9-1-1) and ask for “Mobile Crisis” support.