Venture House

Founded in 1980, Venture House is a 10-bed MICA community residence licensed by the NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH). Venture House serves adults 18 years of age and older who are diagnosed with a DSM-V Axis I disorder/classified as a serious and persistent mental illness.

When admitted to Venture House, residents are referred to treatment providers within the community to address their mental health and/or substance abuse needs. They are provided assistance and have ample opportunity to practice or regain independent living skills under staff instruction and supervision. Staff takes a person-centered approach that engages clients in the development of a service plan. Residents are then linked to appropriate healthcare, treatment, and natural supports, along with various other services that address the full range of their needs and concerns, while reflecting client values and strengths. Service is driven around individualized service planning with a focus on increasing personal self-determination and improving self-sufficiency through natural and community-based supports Discharge planning commences from the day residency begins and residents are encouraged to live as independently as possible.Venture House

Residents of the house take primary responsibility for general housekeeping, with everyone sharing responsibility in completing daily chores. Dinner is eaten family-style and residents take primary responsibility for preparing their own breakfast and lunch.

Admission Process

To request an application for Venture House, please call the number listed on this web page. Following completion and submission of an application, a staff member will make contact to schedule a phone screen. When admission criteria are met, the applicant will be admitted or placed on a waiting list for services.