Short Term Crisis Respite




What is a Short Term Crisis Respite?

Our Short Term Crisis Respite programs are embedded within the community and provide a home-like setting for individuals experiencing a mental health or psychiatric crisis. Guests have private bedroom space and share a common living area and kitchen. Support and Respite Services are delivered by certified Peer Support Specialists and/or Crisis Respite Counselors. Staff help Guests with needed referrals and the establishment of a safety and recovery plan and are available to listen and provide support when needed.

The respites are not locked and Guests are free to come and go as they please. Guests are encouraged to maintain their regular routines and responsibilities including spending time with family, friends, and other supports, working, attending appointments and meeting with providers, preparing meals, and having visitors.


Take a closer look at our Onondaga and Oswego Crisis Respite Programs…


When should I call the Short Term Crisis Respite Center?

If you or someone you know is experiencing the following:

  • Suicidal Thoughts with No Intentional Plan
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Feeling Overwhelmed or Hopeless
  • Thoughts of Self Harm
  • Experience Grief or Loss
  • Discharging from a Psychiatric Hospitalization

Services Provided:

  • 24-hour Support
  • Collaboration with Providers and established natural supports
  • Referrals and linkages to community programs and resources
  • Support navigating various systems
  • Crisis Planning
  • Assistance with completing a Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Where are the Respites Located?

  • Madison County – 3 Beds available
  • Onondaga County – 8 Beds
  • Oswego County – 3 Beds

How long is the Stay?

Madison – Up to 28 days

Onondaga -Up to 7 days per visit, maximum of 21 days per year

Oswego: Up to 7 days per visit, maximum of 21 days per year

Who’s Eligible for the Program?

Adults 18 years of age or older:

  • Experiencing a mental health or psychiatric crisis that can be safely diverted
  • Currently inpatient in a psychiatric facility and not yet ready for full transition into the community
  • Have stable housing to return to when discharged

Exclusionary Criteria

Individuals who:

  • Suffer from a co-morbid physical injury that requires nursing or hospital level of care
  • Are homeless or does not have stable housing to return to post-discharge
  • Are a threat to themselves or others and require an inpatient level of care

Who Can Make a Referral?

The Respites accept referrals from the following (but not limited to):

  • Self-Referrals
  • Psychiatric Facilities
  • Physicians
  • Outpatient Providers
  • Health Home Care Managers
  • Family Members & Friends

How do I make a Referral?


Referrals are taken over the phone, by email, and/or fax. Respites accept referrals 24/7 and do same day admissions at any time of the day. Emails will typically be answered within 24-hours. If you are experiencing a crisis, please contact your medical provider or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Phone: 315-280-0384
Fax: (315) 820-0191
Phone: 315-870-3740
Fax: (315) 565-2809
Phone: 315-216-4320
Fax: (315) 741-5202