Liberty EAP provides consultation and services to organizations covering a variety of job related issues employees may be dealing with. Consulting services can include supervisory trainings, employee education, and professionally implemented counseling services. The primary focus of Liberty Employee Assistance Programs are on enhancing employee health and overall well-being to maximize productivity and increase the overall effectiveness of the entire organization. Other benefits of the Liberty EAP program include:

  • 100% confidential counseling services offered to employees and their immediate family members regarding issues such as family, marriage, work related stress, children, grief counseling, etc.
  • Free trainings offered to supervisors and managers, delivered by dedicated and knowledgeable professionals regarding common workplace issues such as leadership development, diversity, workplace harassment, etc.
  • Orientation for Executives and Managers regarding how to best utilize EAP services for the organization.
  • Quarterly utilization reports provided to organizational leadership demonstrating cost-benefit statistical analysis of services.
  • Policy and procedure for company’s employee handbook as well as posters and brochures for distribution to staff.
  • 24 hour, on-call support for immediate assistance with any employee, emergency related issue which poses a risk to employee’s health, well-being or employment.

Offering employees an EAP benefit demonstrates investment in staff, improves job retention and increases employee morale. If your organization would like to learn more about how Liberty EAP services can work for your employees, please contact us at (315) 451-5164 or 1-800-835-5012.

 You can also visit our personal website at for more information.