Recovery Support Navigator

The Monroe County Recovery Support Navigator team provides family-focused (or other loved one-focused) services designed to guide, educate, and support families through the substance abuse disorder treatment and recovery process through peer and family support.

The Recovery Support Navigator program was created to assist families and individuals combating substance abuse disorders through a blended model of peer and family support services. The Monroe County Recovery Support Navigator team is the first program of its kind in the area providing both Peer Advocates and Family Support Navigation. It is not a clinical treatment program; instead, Recovery Support Navigator services are designed on an innovative and flexible peer support model that is community-based, and also person-centered and hope based. This approach allows staff to meet individuals and families where they are at as we collaborate with them to help strengthen their recovery.

The team is comprised of both Family Support Navigators and Peer Advocates that are community-based and embedded in hospital and detox settings. Family Support Navigators help individuals and their families understand the progression of substance abuse disorders and navigation of the treatment service delivery system. Peer Advocates provide emotional support, share insights about the treatment process, and assist the client in obtaining services. The program helps individuals and their loved ones become engaged in recovery-focused activities including substance abuse disorder and opioid abuse treatment, counseling, support groups, peer interactions, and community services.

A partnership between Liberty Resources and Syracuse Behavioral Health, the Peer Advocate is funded through Monroe County by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (NYS OASAS).

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