Genoa Pharmacy Now Open to Liberty Resources Employees

Liberty Resources has partnered with Genoa Healthcare to provide onsite pharmacy services for employees and clients as another important step in furthering our integrated health care. The pharmacy is now open at the 1045 James Street office and is available to all Liberty Resources staff!

Liberty Resources employees and clients have the option to fill all their medications prescribed by our medical staff as well as primary care and other outside prescribers, in the privacy and convenience of the onsite pharmacy. Genoa Healthcare provides a system to organize medications by day and time, in customized bubble packs. Genoa will also be able to fill and mail prescriptions to individual homes.

The following are links for use by authorized Liberty Resources staff only:

Reminder: If you or a loved one does not have a primary care doctor or you’re looking for new options for health care, Liberty Resources Family Health Center is NOW ACCEPTING new patients.  Call Primary Care at 315-413-7865 for more information or to schedule an appointment.