Day Habilitation

Day programming is provided for eligible individuals through two programs – one in Madison County and the other in Onondaga County. Participation is either full time or part time depending on a person’s needs. Day Habilitation must be a “wrap around” for someone also working or attending another type of program. Operating five days a week from 7:30a – 3:30p, all individuals are transported by family, residential staff or contracted vendors to the site.

Liberty Resources’ commitment to the philosophy of individualization is reflected in the ratio of staff to number of individuals which is kept below 1:3 to maximize the ability of staff to focus on every person’s needs and desires.

In Day Habilitation the goals are defined in a similar way to all services for individuals with a developmental disability. They are individualized to the needs and desires of each person. They include activities designed to support each person to build skills, function successfully and more independently in the community, provide service and have fun!

The level of community involvement is a remarkable accomplishment for many of the individuals served. Through their participation they are making an ongoing contribution to their communities, gaining new skills and abilities and making friends. For some, participation in volunteer activities will prepare them for a successful work opportunity in the future.