Kinship Caregiver

The Liberty Resources Kinship Caregiver program provides services to families in Oswego County who are providing full-time care on a formal or informal basis for youth with whom they have a connection by blood or prior relationship.






Our Mission

To provide a level of care and support that will assist the non-parent caregivers of Oswego County to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which youth can thrive.

Our Services

  • Information and referral to financial supports and other valuable services
  • Therapeutic Case Management
  • Support groups
  • Training
  • Special activities for families and youth

Program Design

The Kinship Caregiver Program offers an array of services tailored to meet the needs and build on the strengths of the individual family.

For many families, referral and linkage to available resources that offer supports such as financial, educational or legal information and community programs will be sufficient.

Other families may take advantage of the program’s case management or the availability of small financial grants for specific needs. The excellent “Caring for Our Own” training curriculum is presented on an ongoing basis as are other parenting courses and training opportunities.

Intensive Therapeutic Case Management support is provided by a Master’s level clinical social worker.

Referral Procedure

Referral is simple. A kinship family may call to request any of the available services. Referrals are also accepted from any private or public community agency or organization.

Contact Information

Betsy Neal, MSSA, LSW
Therapeutic Case Manager


office:   (315) 598-4642 ext. 137


Priscilla Heilveil, M.E.D. 

Program Supervisor


office: (315) 425-1004 ext. 1214