Children, Youth, & Families

dreamstime_18611147Liberty Resources is a recognized provider of evidence-based services for children, adolescents, and families. Services include family therapy, case management, counseling, crisis therapy, substance abuse treatment, and mental health services, life skills education as well as foster, shelter and 24/7 residential housing. Linked with our robust behavioral health capacity, these services are customized to meet clients’ needs. This integration recognizes the ecology of how the family resides within their particular community. Liberty Resources has a sophisticated understanding of, and ability to develop evidence-based programs to targeted communities in concert with state and local policymakers in New York, Florida, and Texas.

Working with our contracting partners assures that measurable, outcome-driven metrics are tailored, monitored, and achieved. Our services are integrated with behavioral health services that Liberty Resources provides, such as psychiatry, substance use disorder services, and telepsychiatry.

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