Agency Leadership

Chief Executive Officer

Carl CoyleCarl M. Coyle, MSW

Chief Operating Officer

Carrie Doran

Chief Financial Officer

Joanna ViggianoJoanna Viggiano, CPA

Assistant to the CEO

Suzanne Hellmig

Liberty POST, President

John Torrens
John M. Torrens, Ph.D


Vice Presidents

Kortney Dale
Kortney R. Dale, MSW
Family Services

Marta Durkin, LMSW
Behavioral Healthcare

David Kang, M.D.
Medical Director, Clinic Services


Kimberly Langbart, LCSW MPA
Integrated Clinic Services



Stephen Russell, MA
Disabilities Services


Kristi L. Anzalone, BA
Disabilities Services

Jean Bonin, CPA

Donna Carini, MS, MSW
Family Services

April Castellano, BA
Liberty POST, Hudson Valley

Paula Cerio, MS
Behavioral Healthcare

Yesenia Cuadrado
Family Services

Lisa Diehl, MSEd
Liberty POST, Rochester

Christian Gutowski, MPA
Disabilities Services, Sr. Director

Sara Haag, MSW
Family Services

David Harris, MUP
Administration, Sr. Director

Tisha Hollenbeck, MHA, RN
Behavioral Healthcare (CBIR)

Melissa Jillson, LMSW
Behavioral Healthcare

Gari-Sue John, PT, MS
Liberty POST, Buffalo





Jennifer Martin, LCSW, LMFT
Regional Director Texas

Leah Murray, BS
Disabilities Services

Shirael Pollack, MSPT
Liberty POST, NYC

Marget Rhode, MSW
Disabilities Services

Derek Rooney, BS
Business Intelligence

Michael Ryan, BS
Information Technology

Amy Sargent
Health Home Care Management

Farzad Sarmast, MD
Primary Care  

Diane Snow, LCSW
Regional Director Florida

Sarah Blaas Towsley, BS
Human Resources

Richard Turner, BSW
Disabilities Services

Christopher Wilson, MSEd
Human Resources

Laura E. Zaferakis, MSEd, CAS
Liberty POST, Syracuse