Daniel Lobb, Owner of TRP Enterprises, visits Liberty Resources, Inc.

On May 13th, Daniel Lobb, the Owner of TRP Enterprises, Inc. held a Meet the Expert session for employees of Liberty Resources, a local non-profit agency that provides integrated health and social services across New York state and the Central Texas region.  The session allowed employees to connect directly with Mr. Lobb, share their success stories and ask him questions around the application of the principals of Becoming a Totally Responsible Person, an emotional intelligence training. TRP Enterprises, Inc. has partnered with Liberty as a training provider to help deliver the TRP® (Totally Responsible Person®) program to employees.

TRP Enterprises, Inc. provides training, publishing, hands-on consulting and facilitation to employers nationally and internationally.  The Becoming a Totally Responsible Person training is designed to help participants become more self-aware of their attitudes, emotions and behaviors; allowing them to respond thoughtfully to situations and view challenges as an opportunity for learning and growth rather than a barrier to success.

In September of 2018, Sarah Towsley, Director of Human Resources and Christopher Wilson, Organizational Development Specialist at Liberty Resources became certified trainers in the TRP®  model.  “The TRP model allows Liberty Resources to provide the emotional intelligence tools employees need to succeed and be happy at work as well as in their own lives.  Our ongoing connection and consultation with Daniel Lobb has been immensely important as we incorporate the model into our agency’s culture.  We have already received significant, positive feedback among the staff and leadership who have been trained,” stated Sarah Towsley.

“Liberty Resources is an extraordinary non-profit offering an amazing diversity of services to the communities that they serve. TRP has trained over a quarter of a million people around the country and abroad, in partnership with companies who seek to empower employees with a message of ownership and personal accountability. Liberty staff have matched this training with their internal growth and development opportunities to further the Liberty mission of improving lives and building futures. I visited Liberty on May 13 to get first-hand experience of their unique culture and successful development opportunities they offer to staff and I remain inspired by this cutting-edge organization,” stated Daniel Lobb.