Adult Social Day Program Opens in Cortland, NY

Liberty Resources is excited to announce the opening of Cortland’s Social Day Program.  Liberty’s new program will provide much needed activities and support with daily living skills for older adults suffering from dementia and/or Alzheimer’s.

Tisha Hollenbeck, a Director at Liberty Resources, has overseen Cortland’s Center for Brain Injury and Rehabilitation Center for over seven years.  Potential changes to the healthcare landscape in recent months threatened to leave a number of Liberty’s current participants without a community-based day program.  Thus resulting in the exploration and development of a social day program. The program is essential in enriching the daily lives of the individuals in our local community, providing them with the integration necessary to remain a contributing member of their community.  Social adult day programs can also offer assistance with personal care related tasks that include; hands on assistance with mobility, eating, and toileting.

Through her search for alternative ways to provide a day program for Liberty’s participants, Ms. Hollenbeck recognized a true need in all of Cortland County and even in surrounding areas for a social adult day program.  These types of programs not only enrich the lives of the participants, but also provide a true respite for family members and other caregivers who have a 24/7 responsibility to those they care for.  About 40% of family caregivers of people with dementia suffer from depression compared to 5-17% of non-caregivers of similar ages. Rates of depression increase with the severity of cognitive impairment of the person with dementia. [Alzheimer’s Association. (2015). 2015 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures.]  When those responsible for the daily well-being of older adults suffering from dementia and/or Alzheimer’s have opportunities to rest and recover, they can better care for those they love.

Liberty’s Cortland Social Day Program is open and accepting new participants.  The program is located at 149 Main Street, Cortland, NY. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 8:00am-4:00pm.

Call 1-607-218-6055 for more information.