Liberty Resources Delivers Tele-Counseling for Texas Juvenile Justice Department Treatment

March 14, 2017

Liberty Resources Child Family Services has been awarded funding by the Central Texas Chief’s Association in conjunction with the Texas Juvenile Justice Department to implement a Tele-Counseling program in the Central Texas Region. The goal of Tele-Counseling services will be to divert youth assessed as low- and medium-risk of recidivism from progressing in the  juvenile justice system.  

“This funding will help ensure quicker access to treatment for youth with barriers to receiving services,” states Liberty Resources VP of Child Family Services Kortney Dale. “Involvement of  youth in the juvenile justice system can have devastating consequences for families, and this is yet another step we’re taking towards building stronger and healthier families and communities.”

Liberty Resources will deliver individual and family therapy sessions according to each youth’s individual treatment plan via online Tele-Conferencing.  As the program progresses plans are in place to deliver counseling and psychiatric services and possibly expand service delivery to schools and homes.  Having services available online ensures accessibility to services that are not readily available in rural communities.  It is estimated that 75 youth and families will be served over the next six months in the Central Texas region.  There have been 21 sites designated for services delivery serving more than 20 Texas counties.