Teddy’s Birthday Art Gallery

February 21, 2017

Ted, a resident of the Bradford IRA, recently celebrated his 49th birthday with an art show at the Liberty Resources building at 1045 James Street.

Ted joined the Liverpool Art Group in June of 2016 and attends classes almost every Tuesday. He was inspired to paint more after attending a “Paint & Sip” class with his housemates and staff that was held at Munjad’s on Westcott Street. He wanted to get more involved with artwork and do something outside of the IRA, and he discovered he had this talent.

Some of Ted’s favorite pieces are “The Guitar” that he painted that for DSP Christopher Thompson and “Marilyn” which was painted for DSP Alexis Lewis.  Ted loves music, animals, and fish as muses to paint.  These are things in his life that are important to him and it’s not surprising that he loves to paint them.

Ted is incredibly social and has been making a lot of supportive relationships with community members, which was evident by the number of attendees at the art show.  Several of his classmates and friends attended, as well as many Liberty Resources employees.

Thank you Ted for sharing your passion with others!