New Branding for Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Program Unveiled

January 18, 2017

The New Year is an opportunity for new beginnings. So, it is with great pride that we present a new name and logo for the Liberty Resources Victims of Violence Program. After months of soliciting program name ideas from staff, community partners, and clients, the name Help Restore Hope Center was chosen as part of a contemporary and empowering program identity to aid survivors and provide education and prevention services in the community.

HRHC HotlineSince 1988, the Liberty Resources Victims of Violence program has provided free confidential support to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and/or trauma in the Madison and Chenango County communities. While the name of the Victims of Violence program is changing, the scope of services and program activities remain the same. Help Restore Hope Center provides services for survivors, education, and prevention on domestic violence, child abuse, dating violence, and other forms of abuse.

A new, responsive designed website has been created ( with user-friendly navigation and easy-to-find information about services, resources, support groups, and tips for recognizing signs of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, child, and elder abuse. The site also features a secure donation tool that allows visitors to make a contribution with a few simple steps.

“We are excited to launch our new branding and a website that is easy navigate and contains important resources about Help Restore Hope Center services,” says Sara Haag, Liberty Resources Divisional Director. “We also hope it enables more people to find us including victims searching for help, as well supporters who want to get involved or make a donation.”

As a Liberty Resources program and United Way of Greater Oneida recipient, the Center offers free and confidential services needed for a safer more independent life. “No matter when the violence occurred—or whether it is reported to the police—the center provides individuals and families safe dwelling, crisis counseling, victims assistance, and long-term solutions,” states Liberty Resources Clinical Supervisor Joanne Smith.

The Help Recover Hope Center also offers training and presentations to community groups, schools/colleges, and others on a wide variety of related issues, including: Talking about Touching Program (for elementary students), Healthy Relationships, Domestic Violence 101, Intimate Partner Violence and Pregnancy, and other topics.

To learn more about the Help Restore Hope Center, visit or call (315) 363-0048. If you have any questions about program services, please contact Help Restore Hope’s leadership team: Clinical Supervisor Joanne Smith, LMSW, or Assistant Supervisor John Egger, at 315-363-0048.