Crisis Stabilization Services Regional Expansion

January 9, 2017

Liberty Resources has been awarded a regional crisis stabilization services grant through Central New York Care Collaborative. Building on the success of Liberty Resources mobile crisis services in Cayuga County and its crisis respite center in Madison County, this award allows Liberty Resources to expand mobile crisis services across Madison, Onondaga, and Oswego counties, in conjunction with opening up two new crisis respite programs in Onondaga and Oswego counties.

Supporting the Central New York Care Collaborative’s goal of reducing unnecessary hospitalizations by safely de-escalating crisis situations, Liberty Resources behavioral health crisis stabilization services help individuals maintain safe living arrangements, reduce inappropriate use of emergency departments, and prevent inappropriate hospitalizations or re-hospitalizations.

Liberty Resources partnered closely with St. Joseph’s Hospital Behavioral Health Services to establish a crisis stabilization approach that leverages Liberty Resources’ current services while expanding the program into a comprehensive regional model with shared staffing and intentional linkages with community-based providers.

Mobile Crisis Stabilization Services provide an immediate, inclusive response to individuals in crisis situations, using a multidisciplinary crisis response team consisting of a licensed clinician, a case manager, and a peer specialist. The team is available at any given time during the non-traditional established hours of operation and will be staffed through a provider network, who complete extensive training in evidence-based crisis assessment and intervention practices.

Expansion of the peer-staffed Crisis Respite program offers a supportive, short-term home-like care for individuals experiencing an emotional or psychiatric crisis to safely divert them from unnecessary admissions or readmissions to emergency rooms and inpatient hospitalizations. New locations in Onondaga and Oswego counties will allow individuals to seek care within their home community.

“As a result of this award, we will be able to develop a truly comprehensive network of mental health crisis stabilization services for the Central New York region to provide meaningful linkages between the hospitals and community-based providers,” states Liberty Resources VP of Behavioral Health Services Marta Durkin. “As the model of peer-based recovery grows, Liberty Resources will continue to build our innovative crisis response service to improve access to care, while reducing hospitalizations and providing long-term benefits for individuals.”