2014 Employee of the Year Award

December 10, 2014

December 10, 2014
Each year, Liberty Resources has the opportunity to give state-wide recognition to one of our special employees who work in the field of children’s mental health. As a participating member of the New York State Coalition for Children’s Mental Health Services we are allowed to nominate one person each year to receive their prestigious Employee of the Year Award. This award, recognizing hard work and dedication, is presented at the Coalition’s Annual Staff Development Training Forum.

This year, Liberty nominated Jennifer (Byrnes) Bittel, LMSW, Program Supervisor of the Children’s Waiver program. She received her award at the conference’s Keynote Luncheon on December 2, 2014 at the Saratoga Hilton in Saratoga Springs, NY in front of a crowd of hundreds of people. Liberty’s Waiver program staff team and other Liberty colleagues at the conference were there to cheer her on.

The official program for the event contained a description of Jenny’s accomplishments. It read:

Jenny is a dedicated and knowledgeable supervisor with over fifteen years in the field. She came to Liberty Resources six years ago to develop a HCBS Children’s Waiver program in Onondaga County. Under her leadership, the program has been very successful as evidenced by its excellent program outcomes and superlative OMH reviews. Recently, due in large part to Jenny’s hard work, Liberty was asked to expand this program into Cayuga County.

Of special note, during Jenny’s tenure in the Waiver program there have been numerous challenging changes. For example, the local County Mental Health system switched to a new referral process, NYS introduced the onset of Health Homes and within Liberty Resources the Waiver program was moved to a new division. Through it all, Jenny navigated these complex system changes with skill and tenacity.

Most importantly, Jenny maintains a strong focus on quality care to consumers. She has accomplished this through zealous advocacy, effective support and training and valuable collaboration with other key stakeholders. Jenny has proven herself to be a tremendous asset to both the community and to the agency and so we highly recommend her for the 2014 NYS Coalition for Children’s Mental Health Employee of the Year Award.
Please join the Waiver team and the entire Family Services Division in congratulating Jenny on her success.