Liberty Resources Expands Clinic Services into Monroe County

June 25, 2014

June 25, 2014
We are pleased to announce that adult and child mental health services have expanded into Monroe County. This is an expansion of the mental health services currently provided in Oswego, Onondaga and Madison Counties. The Monroe County award letter follows:

June 20, 2014
Monroe County Office of Mental Health is pleased to announce that Liberty Resources, Inc. has submitted an application to operate a mental health outpatient clinic at the existing Cayuga Centers Clinic site at 175 Humboldt Street, in Rochester, NY.
Liberty Resources is administratively located in Syracuse, NY and operates various behavioral health, child welfare Early Intervention and developmental disabilities services throughout Central NY and across NYS. They presently have an EI office located in Rochester. ( Liberty Resources currently operates CNY’s largest mental health clinic serving children, adults, and families in Onondaga, Oswego and Madison Counties, called Brownell Center for Behavioral Health. Utilizing evidence based strategies delivered by a dedicated professional staff, Liberty has a history of meeting the needs of children, adults, and families, while simultaneously maintaining a fiscally sustainable program.
The application submitted by Liberty Resources is in the process of being reviewed by the New York State Office of Mental Health. In the meantime, Liberty Resources, Cayuga Centers, and the Monroe County Office of Mental Health are working diligently to support the transition of the mental health clinic from one organization to another. While there are several steps involved in this process, we are looking toward achieving a seamless transition for staff and families during the month of July 2014.
Within Monroe County, Liberty Resources plans to expand the clinic services offered at the 175 Humboldt Street site, and intends to offer mental health clinic services to adults in addition to children, youth, and families. Until the State Office of Mental Health approves the application that has been submitted, Liberty Resources is unable to schedule appointments for mental health clinic services. However, in recognition that there is interest in the community in learning more specific information about the services that Liberty will be offering and recognizing that community members may be interested scheduling an appointment with Liberty as soon as the application has been approved, Liberty is accepting calls from community agencies and self-referrals for initial screenings in advance of their expected opening for intake appointments at (585) 410-3370.
We recognize that this is a difficult process and appreciate your patience during this transition. Please do not hesitate to contact Mandy Teeter, or 585-753-2692, if you have any immediate concerns or questions.
It is the intent of Monroe County Office of Mental Health to continue to update community members and stakeholders during this transition period.
David L. Putney, MS, CRC, LMHC
Monroe County Dept. of Human Services